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Lots of time had been spent on this project for free. Unfortunately, people originated it are now working for living. Therefore, Qutuf system is now, in an idle state, waiting for you to participate in one of the following two ways:

Pay money so I can dedicate time for working, as well as, employing researchers and developers.

Any suggestion is negotiable. As examples, you may pay money in one of the following scenarios:

  • Donate!
  • Be the sponsor from about 5,000$ to 25,000$ a month. (This money will be paid to continually improve and further develop Qutuf)
  • Buy the rights of a copy of the source code for 35,000$. (You can do whatever you want with this copy. And, you will get a 1 year maintenance to insure having a bug-free system.)
  • Sign a support contract for 1 year for 80,000$ (This support contract will include didicating a developer and a linguistic for 1 year (more than 2000 working hours for each one); In order to make modifications and custom development according to your needs).
  • Exclusively buy Qutuf and you will be the only owner. (In this case, the money may be spent on making another helpful Arabic NLP application of another type of Arabic NLP)

Work with us:

  • Make a tagged corpora using Qutuf POS-Tags.
  • Develop free systems that take benefit of Qutuf output.
  • Work in the development and improvement of Qutuf.
  • ...

In addition, if you have any other helpful idea, to support working on Qutuf again, just tell me.

Moreover, I am interested in Arabic NLP so you may hire me... (Check my profile at

You can contact me at