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Most human knowledge does exist in a Natural Language Processing form; not in relational database or pictures. For that, we expect that the current century will focus on NLP. For us, more natural language processing means more put-to-use knowledge and more spreading of knowledge. Unfortunately, little work has been practiced on Arabic. One reason for that is the sophistication of the Arabic language. We are Arabs and we are the only ones who can carry this work out. This enthuse us to work on our holy language.

We aim to build a Morphological Analyzer that serves the task of Part-Of-Speech Tagger without being lost into the details of Arabic morphology, and to construct a Part-Of-Speech tagger that assigns POS tags to an input text. Our view of this project is to start building libraries and a framework to help researcher and developer working on Arabic Language Processing by enabling them to build their applications on top of our framework without going through the complicated details of Arabic. In this project, the framework will contain the basic and important tools. Meanwhile, we aim to expand this framework in the future with more tools and features. There is no need to say that this project will make life easier for native Arabs or non-Arabic speakers, even we hope so. Precisely, what we will provide is going to serve Search Engines, Database Engines, Information Extraction applications and any other AI application that makes use of Arabic Language Processing.

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